Established 1979

The Reason Why Agency

At Stanley Newhoff & Associates, we have a singular focus. We are here to make you successful. Period. That’s both you as a marketing professional and you as a company.

We do this by working with you to understand your company, your brands, your technologies, your customers, your competitors, and your communications challenges. Then we develop strategies to help you communicate more effectively—and thus more successfully—with key audiences.

We execute those strategies with highly targeted, measurable communications initiatives wrapped in jaw-dropping creative. Along the way, we measure, calibrate, revise, revisit, reconsider, and modify to keep your business objectives on track like heat-seeking missiles.

In addition to hard work and obsessive attention to detail, part of our secret sauce is a discipline we call Reason Why Marketing. Reason Why Marketing is not easy to do. It requires hard work and focused thinking on the part of both the agency and the client.

We don’t do it to torture our clients. We do it because Reason Why Marketing typically produces results substantially beyond conventional communications strategies—and producing results is why we’re all here in the first place.

The Client’s Bible

If you want to know all about selecting and working with an ad agency for maximum results, get a copy of Stanley’s book on Amazon: The Client’s Bible.